Mary Davies was well known on Arran, as a healer, hypnotherapist, artist and writer. Always keen for people to benefit from holistic therapy, she left instructions for her estate to be used to provide such therapy for those in need.
Since her death in 2012 her Trustees have been engaged with this project, which has now been providing complimentary therapies for several years. Suitably qualified Arran therapists are funded to provide a series of treatments to those in need of feel-good therapy. Anyone on the island may apply; free appointments will be prioritised by the Trust according to need and consistent with its resources. Top priority is given to those caring for loved ones as it is felt that, due to their selfless devotion to their dependants, they often overlook their own needs.
The therapies offered are both complimentary and complementary; they are not a substitute for medical intervention when this is required.
At present the principal funding for the provision of therapies comes from the rental of Mary's house in Brodick. Charitable donations are always welcome, enabling therapy to be offered to more people.
Providing complementary feel-good therapies 
for Arran residents The Mary Davies Trust Registered Scottish Charity SC043526